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L-dopha is a band from St. Petersburg playing in progressive/alternative/instrumental style.

The band members are:

Andrey Belyakov - guitar
Dmitry Kormshikov - bass guitar
Alexey Sibikin - drums
Sid Alien - electronics

It's really easy to confuse L-Dopha's music with a soundtrack of a really cool movie, especially when you hear it for the first time, when algorithm of some music service would randomly play one of L-Dopha's track. If it's not David Lynch, it's a different David, like Fincher - the one would think.

Formally, guys are playing progressive rock, which is actually a rich instrumental music, which not only keeps you excited, but attacks the brain from all sides. The lack of vocals in this case can be compared to darkness in the eye patch. When you stop seeing, you try to activate all other feelings. L-dopha musicians are silent but they activate all other ways of transmitting stories, emotions and energy.

L-dopha's music has a plot: it develops, sharply changing the direction in some unexpected parts of the track and it definitely makes you follow its trajectories incessantly. L-dopha's music is visual: it evokes the same cinematic, large-format images and enlivens cool black and white shots. L-dopha's music is inspiring: the melodic drive is as inspiring as it is to the feats of small and very large scale.

The release history of the band includes one mini-album "F.A.W.E." and the debut full-length album "8"

Download stage plan here
Download tech rider here